Inauguration censorship

Photo-montage below is censored at Facebook. Very good beginning for the new US president.


GerardM said...

It has nothing to do with the new administration. It is Facebook that banned this badly done collage. It is in poor taste, Obama would likely go to a concentration camp anyway.

What is your point? Is this something we must have, who were the people to not know Godwins law ?

They are likely to be cretins.

Milos Rancic said...
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Milos Rancic said...

(It is not possible to edit published comment, so I deleted it...)

FB administration functions stochastically or if someone made pressure to them. In both cases it has a lot with what climate Obama is making. And this is a climate of censorship. Paradoxically, such climate didn't exist while Bush was in power.

Caricature is one of the forms of political expression. Someone may like it, someone other may say that it is ugly and with bad taste, it depends on political positions.

BUT, censorship of this kind is a classic example of forbidding people to express their political opinion.

damion said...

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