Developers and stewards needed on Anarchopedia

Anarchopedia started with work in September 2004. For a long time it was a wiki based encyclopedia with the most supported languages after Wikipedia. (I suppose that there are now wiki based encyclopedias with more then ~20 language editions.)

I am trying to keep Anarchopedia technically similar to Wikipedia (it is running MediaWiki 1.12alpha); thanks to the people from pywikipediabot project, it is supported there, too; etc. From the technical side, Anarchopedia is "a small Wikipedia": (almost) everything which exists on Wikipedia, exists on Anarchopedia, too -- but with a much smaller size.

A couple of days ago, a contributor from Portuguese Anarchopedia, Sir Lestaty de Lioncourt, started to take care about Anarchopedia in a fashion similar to Wikimedia stewards and I really support such effort. However, I realized that we need more people involved in developer and steward roles: administrators of the wikis from the server side (developers), as well as from the MediaWiki side (stewards).

If you are willing to help us, please contact me (by leaving a comment or sending me an email). It would be useful to write a little bit about your Wikimedian (or any other relevant) experience. (Of course, if I know you, just tell me that you are willing to help :) )

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Anonymous said...

It is very important for the growth of Anarchopedia in all languages that the vandalism is contained and that more people are interested in checking what is happening in the projects, sincerely hope that the work begun in 2004 is that year more expanded and more to call attention of publishers and supporters of the anarchism of what was in the latest time. Thank you for mentioning my participation! :)