Developers and stewards needed on Anarchopedia

Anarchopedia started with work in September 2004. For a long time it was a wiki based encyclopedia with the most supported languages after Wikipedia. (I suppose that there are now wiki based encyclopedias with more then ~20 language editions.)

I am trying to keep Anarchopedia technically similar to Wikipedia (it is running MediaWiki 1.12alpha); thanks to the people from pywikipediabot project, it is supported there, too; etc. From the technical side, Anarchopedia is "a small Wikipedia": (almost) everything which exists on Wikipedia, exists on Anarchopedia, too -- but with a much smaller size.

A couple of days ago, a contributor from Portuguese Anarchopedia, Sir Lestaty de Lioncourt, started to take care about Anarchopedia in a fashion similar to Wikimedia stewards and I really support such effort. However, I realized that we need more people involved in developer and steward roles: administrators of the wikis from the server side (developers), as well as from the MediaWiki side (stewards).

If you are willing to help us, please contact me (by leaving a comment or sending me an email). It would be useful to write a little bit about your Wikimedian (or any other relevant) experience. (Of course, if I know you, just tell me that you are willing to help :) )


Firefox 3.0beta4 is using GTK

Which is a very useful feature for us who are using Gnome.


Synchronic linguistics and prescription

Consequence of strictly synchronic linguistics is a strict prescription of language.

Simply, synchronic linguistics is not able to deal with language changes. However, sentence above is just my hypothesis and it proves should be found.