All roads lead to Rome

This day was very interesting...
  • I realized that Blogger allows your own domains and subdomains.
  • Then, I opened this blog and I didn't realize why do I need it...
  • Then I was talking with Brianna and she mentioned to me Twitter, microblogging portal.
  • Then I remembered that I realized that I need a blog for saying to friends what do I do. However, while I mostly need a place to put a sentence or two, I need a place where I would be able to write much more.
  • So, this is the right place for such blog.
  • And Twitter... We were talking about our obsessions, one of my obsessions is future. And predictions, of course. Brianna asked me did I predict Twitter. No, I didn't predict even Internet :)
  • But, I have some number of interesting predictions... The next post will be about one of them.

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